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The real Budo is love toward protecting (giving protection) of all beings in a spirit of reconciliation. “Reconciliation" (to reach a consensus, rapprochement) is to allow everyone to realize his mission.


I would like the wise and delicate in its essence people to hearken unto the voice of Aikido. Not to correct others but to rectify themselves - their own mind and way of thinking. This is Aikido.


Aikido - this is not resistance. Since it is not resisted, it has always won.


Since the word "ai" (harmony) is like the word "ai" (love) I decided to call my original "Budo" Aikido, although the word "aiki" is an ancient. The word that was used by warriors in the past is completely different from the one I use.


"Aiki" is not a technique which to use to fight the enemy and to win. This is the Path (approach) to make peace with the world and to build with other human beings one family.


The secret of Aikido lies on harmonizing oneself with the movement of the world and to bring ourselves to agree with the world itself. The one who has gained the secret of Aikido has the world in himself and can say, "I am the world."


Those who tend to create turmoil and conflicts would be defeated in the very beginning.


I've never been defeated, as has been quick the attack enemy. But this has been not because my attack has been proved faster than that of enemy. This is not question of the velocity (speed) in this case. The battle has done over before it begins.


When an enemy tries to fight with me, with my world, he should break (destroy) the harmony of the world. Therefore, the moment in which he decides to fight me, he is already defeated. There is no measure for the time - fast or slow.


Those who do not agree by the fact would not be in harmony with the world. Their Budo is Budo of the destruction. This is not creative Budo.


Nikolay Petkov
Sofia,1 Koloman Street,
Slavia Sports Complex,
wrestling hall


GSM: 0898 561 130
Nikolay Petkov
Nikolay Petkov


Sensei Nikolay Marinov Petkov


Sensei Nikolay Marinov Petkov – VI Dan Aikikai was born on January 7-th 1964. He graduated higher economic education with specialization in Trade and Marketing and Master's degree in Human Resources Management. He graduated also National Sports Academy with professional qualification on Trainer in Aikido. Happy married.

Sensei Nikolay Petkov started to study Aikido in 1989, and with training since 1995. In 1996 he founded Aikido Club Slavia and presented the Club as a President and Chief instructor. He is an official representative of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo in Bulgaria and also is a member of Board directors of United Sports Club Slavia.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports issued on February 27, 2020 Certificate for Aikido coach, with which he is entered in the Register for coaching staff of Bulgaria.

Sensei Nikolay Petkov has been participated in many international Aikido seminars under the leadership of famous masters in Aikido, presented different training centers and organizations worldwide, as follows:

Sensei Koliopolus George – V Dan
Sensei Moor Keeth – V Dan
Sensei Millar David – V Dan
Sensei Solonicin Iliya – IV Дан
Shihandai Massa John – V Dan
Shihandai Nakayama Djeims – V Dan
Shihandai Tadjiri Hiroshi – VI Dan
Shihan Toyoda Fumio – VII Dan
Shuhan Kobayashi Yasuo – VIII Dan
Shihan Sato Andy - VI Dan
Shihan Correlini Paolo – VII Dan
Shihan Tissier Christian – VII Dan
Shihan Fudjimoto Yodji – VII Dan
Shihan Quaranta Mickele – VI Dan
Shihan Rogers John - VII Dan
Shihan Kobayashi Hiroaki – VI Dan
Shihan Shirakawa Katsutoshi – VII Dan
Shihan Shunichiro Koyanagi – VI Dan
Shihan Urban Aldenklint – VI Dan
Shihan Ettsudzhi Hori – VII Dan
Shihan Kuribayashi Takanori – VII Dan
Shihan Nebi Vural - VII Dan
Shihan Miyamoto Tsuruzo VIII Dan
Shihan Yoshimitsu Yamada - VIII Dan
Dojo - cho Mitsutero Ueshiba
Shihan Masuda Manabu - VII Dan
Shihan Kobayashi Mikio - VII Dan
Shihan Tetsutaka Sugawara – VII Dan



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