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The real Budo is love toward protecting (giving protection) of all beings in a spirit of reconciliation. “Reconciliation" (to reach a consensus, rapprochement) is to allow everyone to realize his mission.


I would like the wise and delicate in its essence people to hearken unto the voice of Aikido. Not to correct others but to rectify themselves - their own mind and way of thinking. This is Aikido.


Aikido - this is not resistance. Since it is not resisted, it has always won.


Since the word "ai" (harmony) is like the word "ai" (love) I decided to call my original "Budo" Aikido, although the word "aiki" is an ancient. The word that was used by warriors in the past is completely different from the one I use.


"Aiki" is not a technique which to use to fight the enemy and to win. This is the Path (approach) to make peace with the world and to build with other human beings one family.


The secret of Aikido lies on harmonizing oneself with the movement of the world and to bring ourselves to agree with the world itself. The one who has gained the secret of Aikido has the world in himself and can say, "I am the world."


Those who tend to create turmoil and conflicts would be defeated in the very beginning.


I've never been defeated, as has been quick the attack enemy. But this has been not because my attack has been proved faster than that of enemy. This is not question of the velocity (speed) in this case. The battle has done over before it begins.


When an enemy tries to fight with me, with my world, he should break (destroy) the harmony of the world. Therefore, the moment in which he decides to fight me, he is already defeated. There is no measure for the time - fast or slow.


Those who do not agree by the fact would not be in harmony with the world. Their Budo is Budo of the destruction. This is not creative Budo.


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Nikolay Petkov
Nikolay Petkov


Тragedy in Japan



As you know, on March 11, 2011 Japan survived а destroyed earthquake, followed by deadly tsunami. Our friends from Aikido Kobayashi Dojo- Japan are saved, but enormous of people loosed their loved ones, their homes and livelihood. 

Let support our brave friends, as well as all people in Japan that were affected by the earthquake from March 11, 2011 and deadly tsunami. Aikido Club Slavia an official representative of Kobayashi Dojo-Japan organizes an express collecting of donation during period March 18-28, 2011 addressed to support the distressed people in Jepan from a natural calamity. We’ll transfer the donation to the Japanese Red Cross

Separately, every individual in Bulgaria could to support the Bulgarian Red Cross in action to help the affected people in Japan via a special bank account in leva at:
IBAN: BG 64 UNCR 7630 1078 6609 13;
BULGARIA RED CROSS (For distressed from earthquake in Japan)

Also, Bulgarian Red Cross activated an own short charity telephone number 1255, for everyone who wants to help via SMS. The amount of the solely SMS is 1.20 leva with VAT.

Aikido Club Slavia, an official representative of Aikido Kobayashi Dojo organized humanitarian campaign on express funds collecting for support of the affected Japanese people from the earthquake and tsunami from March 11, 2011. Aikido Club West also participated in the humanitarian campaign.

For 10 days period (March 18-28, 2011) Aikido Club Slavia collected BGN 3000, or JPY 173806.

We highly appreciate the support provided from all our members, fans, friends and relatives, which took part in our funds collecting humanitarian campaign, addressed to the affected people in Japan from the earthquake and tsunami from March 11, 2011. Thank you very much to:

Alexsandar Dachev

Ana-Maria Movradinova

Angel Velikov

Anna Bachvarova

Anna Cholakova

Asya Movradinova

Boris Barsanov

Danail Ivanov

Dimitar Kaikov

Edgar Petrosyan

Evdokia Jordanova

Galin Dimitrov

George Georgiev

George Georgiev

Hristo Zlatkov

Hristofor Lazov

Iliyana Mitova

Ina Hristova

Ivan Vajarov

Ivana Stefanova

Kaloyan Kalaidjijski

Kristiyan Nakov

Lazar Petrov

Magdalena Mishanova

Maria Stoicheva

Martin Chakarov

Mirela Atanasova

Nikiola Movradinov

Nikolay Petrov

Ognyan Zjumbjulev

Plamen Djokov

Radi Arnaudov

Radoslav Bohorski

Robert Nikolov

Rumen Movradinov

Rumyana Ivanova

Stefan Stefanov

Stefan Stefanov

Svetlin Doshev

Svilen Chichev

Teodor Georgiev

Teodor Karagyozov

Vasil Georgiev

Vladimir Nakov

Yavor Tankov

Petya Tsekova

Nikolay Petkov



The collected funds were donated on the account of Japanese Red Cross.
Bank Transfer


Aikido Club West collected the amount of BGN 400, or USD 284.07 and thanks to the following supporters:

Adel Hababa

Alexander Bushnakov

Danil Hristov

Dimana Stratieva

Peter Metodiev

Stanislav Vladimirov

Vasil Trajanov

Velizar Stoyanov

Dimitar Dinev


The collected funds were donated on the account of Japanese Red Cross.
Bank Transfer


Aikido teach: Be a partner but not enemy!
Nikolay Petkov IV Dan Interview with Miroljuba Benatova (BTV)

In Japan there are no marauders or specula – occurrences known as one of the consequences following the ruin affected by natural calamity or wars. For the Japanese spirit which is inherent to the Japanese martial art Aikido tell us Miroljuba Benatova.

Nikolay Petkov is with IV Dan in Aikido and has thought   the Japanese martial art since 15 years. Just before few days Petkov leave with the idea about the long time organized travel to Japan, which is obviously impossible to realize right now.

The life is not just plan, we have to live it at the moment. In Aikido we don’t’ aim to struggle the other person, but our own ego. In Aikido there is no elements of contest , explained Nikolay Petkov, IV Dan in Aikido.

The philosophy of Aikido is non-aggression and mastering the conflict, nevertheless if it is individual aggression or natural calamity.

During those days of destructions the Japanese people showed us, that they can to accept the reality with dignity, think further Nikolay. Just at this moment in Japan there is no marauders, because the Japanese people inherit the ability to do not resist temptation. Something that is not belonging to you, is impossible to appropriate for yourself, explained Nikolay Petkov.

We have to remain hopeful. Everyone of us have his own way in this life, but  let us live it in the most worthy tenor, advised further he.

Nikolay Petkov believed, that he’ll go in Japan again to continue to learn the art to be a partner but not enemy.






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